VR + education: books move, knowledge is live

VR + education: books move, knowledge is live

It’s like a volcano to watch the volcano, follow the food in the body, the planet surrounds the sun to run the trajectory, in front of the VR class, the book is moving, and knowledge is live. Recently, the reporter conducted a exploration of the VR + education application in Jiangxi, and he was able to experience the cultivation of educational teaching in the side.

At 9 o’clock in the morning of September 8, at a VR class in the Honggutan Campus of Nanchang Normal University, more than 30 VR devices were tired, and the primary school students put on VR glasses, pick up the interaction pen, directly looking directly at the computer screen. Started a course called "Red VR Education Exhibition".

"The Red Military Long took so much way, really hard!" Following the content that sounded in the ear, the terrain landform on the longjun road was three-dimensionally presented, and the students followed the Red Army footprint "turning the mountain". "The original weapon used by the Red Army was like this.

"The students turned in the interaction pen in their hands, flip the shell gun, the hemp grenades, etc., it seems to be in front of you.

This school belongs to the first demonstration school of new media applications in Nanchang VR / AR.

Gao Zulei, executive vice president of the school: "Since the opening of the VR course, students’ interest in students have improved, and the learning effect is improved.

We plan to continue to promote VR courses in other campuses from the Group. "A small VR device has developed a broad horizontal world.

In an interview, "VR + Education" cracks a series of traditional education bottlenecks: the experimental content is irreversible, not repeated, the real existence but cannot be observed in detail, the experimental operation is too dangerous, not safe enough, become history, the scene, The teaching equipment is too expensive, not easy to build, and it cannot be achieved under natural conditions.

In response to these pain points, VR technology is able to restore the scene to the knowledge point, realize immersion and interactive learning, promote teaching processes, and improve overall optimization of education courses. In recent years, Nanchang City, Nanchang City, China, Newly built secondary, Nanchang 27 secondary school, with VR courses won multiple national competition awards.

The VR technology applied in the education industry, which triggered the transformation and upgrading of educational philosophy. In Nanchang Foreign Language School, the Jiulong Lake Junior High School Campus, History, Geography, and Biological, etc. have attracted students to register.

The vice president of the school told reporters: "VR technology makes children’s vision more open, which is in line with our educational philosophy for future students’.

Currently, we are designing Chinese, mathematics, physical and chemical VR courses, and continuously expand the contents and scope of VR applications. "Not only is the field of basic education, and VR technology is more and more applications in the field of vocational education. Entering Jiangxi Kejun Industrial Co., Ltd., road bridge engineering technology, Chinese medicine, etc. VR vocational education curriculum attracts attention. On the road bridge In the engineering and technical courses, students can master the technical essentials such as Subgrade construction, asphalt pavement construction, and crack the "high risk, ugly, difficult to enter" in the construction teaching of road bridges.

"As a witness and beneficiaries of Jiangxi VR industry development, the company’s business is rapidly expanded, it is the high recognition and demand of VR applications in the education industry." Liu Xiaolan, the head of the Kojun Industrial, said, as Jiangxi local professional engaged in Ar / VR Content R & D and platform application of high-tech enterprises, its smart educational products covers 21 provinces (cities, districts), more than 1500 colleges. (Reporter is quiet) +1.