Wuhu City This year, 74 key projects are expected to invest more than 2.8 billion yuan in Zhong’an online Wuhu Channel Wuhu News Wuhu Information

Wuhu City This year, 74 key projects are expected to invest more than 2.8 billion yuan in Zhong’an online Wuhu Channel Wuhu News Wuhu Information

  Chiang Yushan Road is an important connection between connecting the central city, Chengdong New District and Wuhu East Expressway. Since September this year, the citizens who are often driven from the road have been surprised to find that vehicles are deputched from the Yangtze River Sanqiao, and they can travel directly to Huizhou Road. It is about 10 minutes faster than the main roads controlled by the traffic light. The level of operation is greatly improved, and the surrounding residents are more convenient. All of this has benefited from the completion of the red-cultivation and transformation of the red mountain road of 4 kilometers full length. More than just roads, the original damaged green has replanted, co-planted graft, camphor, etc. Spine, Minson Girls and other years of big color block herbal plants 30,000 square meters.

The road landscape is simple, the atmosphere is also a beautiful landscape.

  The city’s day and cities are different, and it is inseparable from the key project to open the horsepower construction.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Key Project Construction Management Office that this year has undertakes 74 key project construction tasks. It is expected that the completion of the project has been over 2.8 billion yuan, an increase of 37% year-on-year, and the creation is new. It is estimated that 25 all-year completion or basic completion of 25, such as 11 municipal projects: Huangshan Middle Road renovation and expansion, the rapid transformation of Red Yushan Road, Wuhu East Entrance Exit Reconstruction, the construction of the Jiangnan Road Extension Construction Project, Changjiang Road underground integrated tube The gallery (pipeline portrait), Honghua Mountain Road cross the railway bridge, the city’s live garbage landfill comprehensive rectification project, Shenshan Smart Sports Ecological Park Phase I. 14 project construction projects: Wuhu City Second Middle School Reconstruction and Expansion Project, High-tech Fire Station, Municipal Fourth Hospital Nanling Substrumentation Building and Affiliated Project, An Shi’s Foreign Language School Teaching Building Project, Municipal Global Activity Center to change the expansion project, China University of Science and Technology Wisdom City Research Institute decoration project, disabled comprehensive service center renovation project, a fool-melon seedlings and other projects. After the completion of the project, it is important for improving urban infrastructure construction and improving people’s livelihood.

  Up to now, there are about 45 projects in the construction project. It mainly includes the Shanghe Hangzhou Changjiang Road elevated. Phase I, Wuhu Sixth People’s Hospital New Hospital Comprehensive Building and other projects.

The construction is inevitable, especially in some municipal road construction, involving problems such as closed transportation, construction noise, and the city’s key points also expressed their sincere gratitude to all the people concerned, understand, and support key projects. At present, the department is carrying out special actions such as "one grabbing double-fifth to improve" "double hundred attacks", which is really practical, and strive to promote the completion of each project and quickly build.