Xinhua International Time: Never allow "shot the edge" broadcast on the Taiwan issue

Xinhua International Time: Never allow "shot the edge" broadcast on the Taiwan issue

Xinhua News Agency, November 11th, Suggestive: Recently, I wiped the side of the New China newspaper reporter Wu Liming recently. Some politicians in Taiwan have constantly moving on the Taiwan issue, eating a Chinese principle, making the Chinese people extremely indignant.

For example, US Secretary of State Burlin recently said that the United States has a commitment to ensure Taiwan’s ability to self-defense, and there are many countries regarding the status quo of unilaterally useful force damage to a major threat to peace and security. The US is a three-sided three knife, and it is going to go. In the three joint communiques of China and the United States, both parties have long written clearly in the Chinese principles involving Taiwan issues.

A recognition of Taiwan is part of China is the political foundation of Sino-US relations, and also policies in the previous US government since the establishment of diplomas. Recently, when the Central American dollar was called, the President of Biden said the US has never intended to change a Chinese policy. Nowadays, the US has not only violated the political commitment to the time of building diplomatic relations with China, but also the opposite of the President of Biden.

It is well known that 180 countries in the world recognize and support a Chinese principle. The international community adheres to a Chinese principle, and China’s unified historical trend is unstoppable. A Chinese principle involves China’s core interests, on this core issue, there is no room for bargaining. The United States is in vicala in the Taiwan issue, and the breakthrough is to make the wrong abacus.

Who is destroying the peace and stability of Taiwan? It is the Taiwan authorities and a few units unique! They tried to negate, challenged a Chinese principle, expanded to Taiwan independence activities, which is the root cause of tensions in Taihai, which is resolutely opposed by the Chinese government and the international community. The US small action is clearly designed for these elements, which is terrifies that the world is not chaotic, and it is bound to destroy the stability of the Taiwan Sea. The US is very clear, and the special division is like a pocket, the US baton determines the height and frequency of the skip of these tables. The heart is the biggest politics. More than 1400 million Chinese people will not be shaken. In addition to the future of Taiwan, there is no other future in the future. For the purpose of curbing China, the United States wants to make Taiwanese cards, it is not to go with more than 1.4 billion Chinese people, and it is the back of historical trends, and its failure has been destined.

It is a dangerous game with Taiwan independence and is a dangerous game. Adhere to a Chinese principle and the 1992 consensus, resolutely oppose the splitting of the Taiwan independence, and resolutely oppose external forces interference, firmly grasp the leading and initial rights of cross-strait relations. This is a clear and firm signal issued by the Ninth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Historical trends, vastness. Everything with China’s unified power, the adventure and provocative acts, like a stun tree, is destined to end.

Advise the beauty politician not to rub the side of the ball on a Chinese issue, do not put it alone on the road to Taiwan. This will not only cause subversive risks to Sino-US relations, but also seriously damaging the peace and stability of Taiwan Sea, but will also seriously damage the US own interests. I hope that the US governance can recognize the reality, abide by the commitment, adhere to the provisions of China’s principles and the three joint communiqués of China and the United States, to stop the wrong words and deeds, and maintain the Sino-US relations overall situation and Taihai peace stability.