Zhong Ying: "Crazy Turning" medical treatment is not available to "loneliness"

Zhong Ying: "Crazy Turning" medical treatment is not available to "loneliness"

Original title: A Zhong Ying: "Crazy" medical treatment must not take a long need to "lonely" period is the Beijing and Qijia Hospital Dean Pan Zhong Ying Beijing August 1, 2014 (Reporter Ma Xiaoman) "If you just hold If a kind of money, you need to have high returns as soon as possible, the medical industry is not necessarily a most suitable industry.

"Recently, Zhong Ying, the president of Beijing and Qijia Hospital, pointed out in the" diagnosis of private hospital "series of guest people’s network, said that the development of private medical institutions should be resistant to loneliness," crazy investment "behavior is not available, lack of rational thinking inevitable Get long-term stable returns. Talents are a slow process. "The hospital must develop the most important key is talent. Talent is not only a generally seen medical and medical experts, including the management and operation of the hospital. "Pan Zhongying believes that the number of medical institutions continues to increase, but talent can’t keep up, causing people to grab talent between the hospitals. In addition, the quality of talents is not high, and also affects the development of the hospital. A hospital wants to have themselves Talent reserves require long-term accumulation and development process.

Take the data from Beijing and Qijia Hospital, the data brought by Pan Zhongying shows that the full-time doctor at the current hospital has a hundred and eighty people, one of which is a doctor hired abroad, two-thirds are on public The hospital has a certain experience and experience, and after the resignation, join the family hospital.

In addition to finding the outside world, hire a doctor to accumulate expert resources, the construction of talents is also inseparable from the doctor who has cultivated.

"We have begun to try to enroll medical doctors or master’s degree in graduate, and do our own hospitalized physicians.

After two to three years of training, it can be detained separately according to the standards of the family. "Pan Zhongying introduced that talents did not recruit it. It is necessary to work so much. It is necessary to pass rigorous training. Talent construction is not only put into large, but also can’t see the benefits in the short term, but there are long-term planned hospitals to be willing to come here. Investment. "In the Hijia Hospital, we almost have two to three internal continuing education training. After each full-time doctor, there are at least 25,000 yuan per year to continue the Education Fund, and they have a week With a salary holiday, you can participate in medical education and learning at home and abroad. "Pan Zhongying believes that although this is a big investment, it is possible to help yourself in the hospital’s doctors do not leave the frontier medical knowledge. On the consistent horizontal line, it ensures the most advanced medical treatment." Except for the doctor, talents There is also a big part of the construction of the nursing team. Between modern medical institutions and patients, nurses’ roles are increasingly important.

Therefore, in the structure of the family, care, medical, and administrative operations are the relatively independent three systems. We have teachers who have been specializing in nursing education training from abroad, to guide the training courses to ensure our nurses can Fully suitable for work needs. "Pan Zhongying added.

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