The second "running bar Hohhot" fluorescent night runs hot

The second "running bar Hohhot" fluorescent night runs hot

People’s Net Zhaohot October 6th (Liu Yilin) ??Recently, the second "running bar Huahot" fluorescent night was held in the Grassland Grassland.

Tang Yong, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Hohhot, Tang Yong, deputy director of the Ministry of Propaganda Department, and the party secretary of the Municipal Travel and Television Bureau Party Secretary, and Director Lan Yi attended the event.

It is understood that this "running bar Huahot" fluorescent night run activity is one of the first Duleuan Grassland Culture Festival and the 22nd Hohhot Zhaojun Culture Festival series, hosted by the CCP and Hohhot Municipal Committee, Hohhot Municipal People’s Government, CCP Hohhot Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Hohhot Cultural Tourism Radio and Television Bureau, Hohhot Sports Bureau, Hohhot Xincheng People’s Government Harmoned.

The night run is 7 kilometers, the starting point and the end are located in the Slichuan Grassland Sun Square. At the scene, everyone sang "I and my motherland" on the Grassland grassland, put the song grassland, affectionate the motherland.

The runners are dressed in a sparkling fluorescent dress, follow the fitness coach to complete the warm-up exercise, a fast-moving interesting night run officially started, the little light on the runway lights up the night of the Rumina grassland, becoming the autumn night Qingcheng A differential landscape.

After the night is running, the runners enjoy a beautiful light show in Sun Square and enjoy the leisure time after running.

After the event, Mr. Zhang said: "This fluorescent night run activity is held, not only showing the scenery culture and vitality of our Hohhot Richuan grassland, but also makes running in the job position. There are more opportunities to release stress in the cheeby atmosphere, incentive to face future challenges with more active and optimistic mentality. "(Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.