True tricks are solving and solving the SMEs (the people’s commentary)

True tricks are solving and solving the SMEs (the people’s commentary)

  It is necessary to focus on the current, and also benefits the long-term, help companies go out and motivate vitality, and accelerate the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises’ competitive market. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Do everything possible to protect the market subject to the economic development of basic forces.

"SMEs are the main force of the national economy and social development, play an important role in promoting growth, safeguarding employment, improving people’s livelihood. Currently, the development of the inner complex situation and a variety of factors, the development of SMEs face a lot of difficulties and problems In particular, it has been influenced by high raw materials, insufficient orders, and use work is difficult to use. The growth rate of logistics costs is high, and the growth rate of SMEs slowly slow, and the downstream pressure is increased.

In this context, doing a good job in "six stability", fully implement the "six guarantees" mission, and support the exploitation of small and medium-sized enterprises with pragmatic measures to stabilize the market subjectivity, further stabilize the development expectations of SMEs. Increase the support of the bailout funds, encourage local arrangements for the bailout of small and medium-sized enterprises; further promote tax reduction, manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises will delay some taxes and fees in the fourth quarter of 2021; strengthen electricity protection, encourage conditions The place for small and micro enterprises with electricity is phased … Not long ago, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Further Increased SMEs", and proposed policy measures from many aspects. Whether it is reducing house rent, give social security subsidies, or delaying payment taxes, standardizing involving enterprises, is committed to falling costs to SMEs. With this, the opportunity is better to help support SMEs, which can not only effectively reduce the burden of enterprise, but also promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure to achieve high quality development. Highlight policy targeted, accurately and bail the SMEs. At present, my country’s market entities have reached 100 million, including 46 million companies, 99% of SMEs. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises is wide, and it is involved in the face, and it is necessary to pay attention to the strength of SMEs. It is necessary to pay attention to the praise, more focus on the problem, targeting the policy, accurate effort, so that the policy really falls.

For example, encourage local arrangements to bail your money, implement a Pu Hui Xiaomi Enterprise loan extension, this is aimed at the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and has a realistic problem that has intensified in difficulties in operation. "The policy arrangement makes the market main body truly gain, enhances the bottom gas to deal with difficulties.

  Enhance policy continuity and help SMEs grow in the development. my country’s overall economy is in a stable recovery situation, but is affected by factors such as global epidemics, high prices, high shipping cost, weak market demand, and small and medium-sized enterprises face greater operating stress in a certain period of time.

In this case, it is necessary to continue to consolidate the economic recovery to a good development momentum, and must continuously enhance the continuity, stability and sustainability of the policy, and to partially benefit the policy. Transforming into a long-term implementation of the policy to add new kinetic energy to the stable development of SMEs.

  Breakfasting for SMEs, it is necessary to focus on current, also benefits the long-term, help companies go out and stimulate their vitality, and accelerate the competitiveness of SMEs.

After further increased the notice of the SMEs to bail the help, "the" Some of the new "SMEs Office" and "Several Measures to Improve SMEs" have been issued from digital transformation, Industrial design empowerment, green low-carbon development, etc., make arrangements for the improvement of the innovation capacity and specialization of SMEs.

Hello "Combined Boxing", further inspiring the power, innovation ability and development vitality of SMEs, will benefit the competitiveness of SMEs, and then enhance national industrial competitiveness. SMEs can do something.

SMEs are good, the Chinese economy will be good.

All regions are closely integrated with practical, understand the corporate demands, with the spirit of the nail nail, and the effectiveness of the policies, and promote the stable and healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises, they can improve the stability and competitiveness of the industrial chain supply. Build a new development pattern aggregate more positive energy. (Editor: Chen Mingju, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.