US Advanced Battlefighting Rills, Sparks, Navy: Corrosion

US Advanced Battlefighting Rills, Sparks, Navy: Corrosion

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page The US Navy’s most advanced battleship has recently exposed its negative news. Just served in the 5-year "Jumater" invisible destroyer recently taken rust. For this embarrassing picture, the US Navy’s response is because "the harsh environment reduces the performance of the ship", and the dorsen has worked hard to address this issue. "Jumord" destroyer latest picture US "power" website "Theater" column reported on December 10th, the first ship "Junwalk" in the three Jumord of the US Navy recently carried out in the Southern California coast Test and training work.

This destroyer served in 5 years ago, and it has been entering and exiting in San Diego Port for many years.

It is hoped that this "futuristic" destroyer can officially put the operational deployment in the near future, but it seems that it doesn’t seem to be so radiant, some radar absorbing materials have begun to fade, and the ship is also rusting . According to a report, after a photographer released the latest picture of the "Jumord" destroyer, it has caused hot discussion on social media. Some netizens said that the United States should spend more Kung Fu on the brush pain, because when a US military ship appears in a place, it should look good, this is the purpose of its existence; there is also netizens ridicule This is a special improvement for the company to this destroyer; more netizens spit: "Why this boat looks like a puffed food to eat more giants to rub the ass …" The report explained that this is The ship appears after a long time, high intensity action.

There is also a controversy for the ship "rust", some people think that as long as the ship can use, it is not a big problem; if someone thinks this is a "serious embarrassment", indicating that there is uneasing in the US Navy. Systematic problem. The report believes that such a situation in which the "Jumord" destroyer may be related to the "least configured" design of the ship.

Although the drainage of the Jumwolte vessel is much larger than the Alicbake-level destroyer of the US military, the number of the Junmoll-level destroyer is only more than half of the Albick-level destroyer. It is approximately 175 people.

Although the highly automation of the ship can help reduce some posts, corrosion control is still a work that needs to spend a lot of sweat and physical strength. Moreover, the surface of the Jumwel-level destroyer needs more maintenance, and the uniform needs to handle the rust on the homogeneous coating material that is difficult to observe, and the maintenance difficulties in these parts are very difficult.

  As for the "Jumord" destroyer, it is still unclear in full investment.

  The "Theater" then asked the US Navy, the response given by the US Navy, for the surface combat troops, and the corrosion is a long-term battle for the surface combat force. The harsh environment reduces the performance of our ship, and our sailors have a variety of efforts to solve corrosion problems, and we have also maintained training for ships to maintain the Navy’s war. It is reported that the US Navy’s Junmavor-level destroy ship has exceeded 10,000 tons, which is a "10,000 tons of drifting". At the beginning of the development, the title of "the world’s most strong battle", but in the process of construction It is facing problems such as cost overrun, progress delay, budget being cut.

With the advancement of the project, the expected goal becomes more difficult to achieve, this combat platform high cost ended forced the US Navy to cut the purchase quantity. After the first ship’s "Jumord" destroyed ship, it was more embarrassing the unambiguous. In 2016, the US Navy canceled the remote pair of artillery projects of the Advanced Shooter System of the Junmavore Expelling Ship, because a cost of shooting has exceeded $ 800,000.

  Then, the US military decided to install "universal high supersonic gliding" weapons on this "10,000 tons of large drive", but in order to install this huge missile, it is necessary to remove the two AGS advanced artillery systems of the front deck.

The US Navy hopes that to 2025, at least one of the three Jumwol special destroyers can be equipped with "universal high supersonic gliding".